Psychotherapy Services & Yokefellows (PSY)
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Sometimes we get stuck in a place that is difficult to get out of, or we have tried the same things over and over to no avail. That is where counseling, or psychotherapy, come in. We will help look at whatever it is you are struggling to overcome, and work with you on your journey to finding solutions. Let us work diligently with you on your issues of concern.

People vary in the ways that they learn and the pace at which they progress. These factors are taken into consideration when you initially meet with a counselor. A therapist will work with you to help identify your problem areas, develop a plan for treatment, then guide you toward achieving your goals.

Every client is unique, and that is what makes counseling so stimulating and challenging. In terms of therapeutic technique and strategy, one size definitely does not fit all. The counselor must be skilled at tailoring his/her theoretical method to match the client in the moment. Our client-centered philosophy endeavors to help clients recognize the deeper issues that are fueling the symptoms that clients oftentimes come to counseling to address. Feeling comfortable with a therapist is important in making changes. As you become more comfortable with the therapist you are working with, you should be able to be more open about deeper issues that you have and deeper emotions that you may be feeling. Therapists at our office show mutual respect, authenticity, genuineness, ability to empathize, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard for the client. We work very hard at cultivating and nurturing a strong, healthy, working relationship with clients.

Counseling is a journey of self-exploration by the client, meant to increase his/her level of self-understanding and self-awareness. The therapist acts as the guide or facilitator of this journey. By helping you to cope with the issues that you are dealing with, you are able to better remedy future issues by yourself through the skills and insight you learn.

We fully explore the issues to increase understanding; and based on this increased understanding, the client is encouraged to take some action, which means that he/she will make changes. Yet, as human beings, we generally do not embrace this idea of change. We prefer to remain in our "comfort zone". The paradox may be that this "comfort zone", which is supposed to provide safety and security, is in fact causing some level of suffering. This suffering is the catalyst for seeking out counseling.

We emphasize the client's resources for becoming self-aware and for resolving blocks to personal growth. Additionally, we allow and encourage for the client to determine the direction of therapy and put the client (not the therapist) at the center of therapy. Our therapy also helps clients better understand the connection between how they interpret events and how they feel and act toward those events. Counseling may involve challenging and changing mistaken notions, faulty assumptions, irrational thoughts, and maladaptive beliefs.