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Most people experience sadness from time to time. When a person can't bounce back from that sadness after a period of time is when there is cause for concern. Clinical depression is one of the most common illnesses affecting millions of people each year. Signs of depression may include increased or decreased sleep, loss of appetite, sadness, feelings of hopelessness, lack of enjoyment of activities, crying for no apparent reason, and suicidal thoughts.

Depression usually interferes with a person's ability to communicate effectively, show emotions, and express intimacy in relationships. A person dealing with depression may not be able to receive comfort from others, possibly believing that they are not worthy of such attention. Signs and symptoms of depression can vary from person to person. The key factor is that is persists for a period of time. Counseling for depression includes teaching clients coping skills that will help them move beyond their symptoms.

Some things to do in order to cope with depression include:
    Change Negative Thinking: Avoiding negative thoughts is a very important thing to do when dealing with depression. Talking with people or spending time with friends can help greatly in preventing yourself from getting down. Talking about your problems to someone will also help you feel better. You can even watch a comedy film, or do something that makes you happy or makes you laugh. This will help you relax and avoid negative thoughts.
    Keep Yourself Busy: An idle mind can be a person's worst enemy when feeling depressed. If a person has nothing to do, negative or suicidal thoughts begin to cloud the mind; therefore, it is necessary to keep occupied with something. You can do anything that you like or even take up a hobby. Even if you don't have anything else to do, you need to force yourself to do something like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, etc., to keep yourself and your mind occupied for a long time.
    Lower Stress: One of the most common symptoms of depression is sleep disorders, which may be a person sleeping too much or too little, which can result in stress. There are several effective techniques of reducing stress like meditation and yoga. Meditation helps to calm your body and mind. You can even try simple exercises, swimming, or walking, to lower stress. Another suggestion is to get a massage, which is one of the most efficient relaxation techniques.
    Increase Confidence: People often experience the feeling of uselessness or helplessness when they are depressed. This results in lowering of self worthiness and self confidence. To focus on positive things, a person can make a diary and write down all their achievements, however simple they may be. Similarly, try to get involved in some social activities which will help in boosting your morale and confidence.
    Diet: Diet definitely plays an important role in maintaining our physical and mental well being. You should have a nutritious and balanced diet which will help in making you feel better. Additionally, drinking should also be controlled or preferably stopped since alcohol is a depressant.